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Content Creation
Customers buy from trusted brands whose product or service genuinely solves a problem. Allow me to help turn a casual visitor into a loyal follower.

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√ Press Releases

√ Articles

Content Marketing
Content marketing is much more than sharing data in order to inform the customer. Content marketing encompasses the strategies that generate leads, improve branding, and engage throughout the customer lifecycle. Successful content marketing is a deliberate approach to long term success.

√ Customer Persona

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√ Social Management

Freelance Journalism
I love topics that explore self-exploration through health, wellness, beauty and cultural avenues. Trust me, I get deadline and I can reign in the excitement of learning to craft stories that explains complex topics with ease.

√ Health

√ Wellness

√ Beauty

√ Personal Profiles

√ Sustainability

Need Something Else? – Need something more personal, like a speech, resume or cover letter? Have content but need editing? I can help with ghost writing and editing services.