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What To Do If You Get Too High

What To Do If You Get Too High View Content Perhaps you tried edibles for the first time and did not know what to expect. Or perhaps you tried edibles for the dozenth time, but this day was different and you have no idea why. Maybe you’re experimenting with smoking or vaping to help treat…

Endocannabinoid System Discovery

How the Endocannabinoid System Discovery Advanced Our Understanding of Human Health View Content NATURAL CANNABALANCE Perhaps you’ve heard the term Endocannabinoid system but don’t quite understand the meaning. You may wonder if it’s really possible that a human biological system was named after cannabis. The answer is unequivocally yes. In the first ever Extract Collective…

SOL Yoga Fort Lauderdale

SOL Yoga Fort Lauderdale Expands from Wynwood to Fort Lauderdale View Content I rushed in a few minutes before 8:30 AM, assuming I’d be one of only 3 lunatics who set an alarm for Saturday morning yoga. I grabbed a complimentary towel, walked past a beauty boutique and entered SOL Yoga’s new Fort Lauderdale studio.…

Women Do Cannabis Differently

Discover women’s unique conditions and responses to medical cannabis. View Content Men make up  75% of cannabis consumers but as legalization spreads, the gap between the sexes is starting to narrow. Women now seek legal and medical cannabis in a big way. They are looking for the right strains to synergize with their unique physiologies…