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Twisted Roots Kava Bar: An Unexpected Hollywood Hangout

Twisted Roots Kava Bar: An Unexpected New Hollywood Hangout View Content Throw out everything you know or think you might know about what a Kava bar is. At least in the case of Twisted Roots, you’re definitely wrong. Unless of course you imagined a haunted rainforest serving Tiki style mocktails. Situated on Hollywood Boulevard behind a…

4 Downtown Alley Restaurants

4 Downtown Alley Restaurants You've Probably Missed View Content by Elena Schmidt In the 24 hours before I discovered Station 28: I worked all day, drove from Fort Lauderdale to South Beach, drank pinot grigio for dinner, hopped to El Tucan for a dirty 30 shindig, and woke up for an early SoulCycle class. My…

9 Downtown Miami Gems

9 Downtwon Miami Gems You Should Know About View Content While Miami’s Downtown core is ever-changing, the fastest rising skyline in the country, there is much to discover amongst its age-old streets. It’s more than a business sector and bayfront community, it’s also home to some of our biggest cultural institutions and organizations that have…

Juicing Forward

Juicing Forward View Content I woke up determined. Not only was I starting my BEAMING “Not Just Juice,” cleanse, I was starting yoga as well: my renewed commitment to healthy eating and healthy living. My previous three-week vacation may not have ripped me off the wagon completely, but I definitely indulged in the pleasures that…