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Twisted Roots Kava Bar: An Unexpected Hollywood Hangout

Twisted Roots Kava Bar: An Unexpected New Hollywood Hangout View Content Throw out everything you know or think you might know about what a Kava bar is. At least in the case of Twisted Roots, you’re definitely wrong. Unless of course you imagined a haunted rainforest serving Tiki style mocktails. Situated on Hollywood Boulevard behind a…

4 Downtown Alley Restaurants

4 Downtown Alley Restaurants You've Probably Missed View Content by Elena Schmidt In the 24 hours before I discovered Station 28: I worked all day, drove from Fort Lauderdale to South Beach, drank pinot grigio for dinner, hopped to El Tucan for a dirty 30 shindig, and woke up for an early SoulCycle class. My…

Social Salsa Lessons in Miami

Where to Find Social Salsa Lessons in Miami View Content Miami has an endless list of dance studios specializing in salsa classes. These studios have talented teachers and serve a purpose if you prefer a quieter setting or have long term plans to dance competitively. But maybe that’s not exactly what you’re looking for. Maybe…

Sustainable 4th of July

5 Tips to Plan a Green 4th of July Party View Content Are you hosting a 4th of July party this year? You may be feeling overwhelmed by the entire process…  from finalizing the invite list, to planning the menu, to purchasing decorations, organizing games, and of course—cleaning up the mess. There are so many…