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Kitchen Inquisition: Chef Alex Martinez

Kitchen Inquisition: Chef Alex Martinez View Content Proving that Espanola Way is more than the name, Drexel Irish Pub is adding its own unique flavor. Nestled at the corner of Drexel Avenue, this promising local favorite offers Miamians authentic Irish cuisine and a bar to match. Executive chef Alex Martinez is leading the kitchen, bringing locals his…

South Florida Hopes for Best as”Top Kill” Plan Put in Place

South Florida Hopes for Best as"Top Kill" Plan Put in Place View Content As BP moves forward with plan to plug leak, SoFla residents worry about shores Oil continues spewing from the destroyed Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf weeks after the accident, and experts are still at loss for a definitive solution. BP has…

Beauty Queen: Laura Geller

Beauty Queen: Laura Geller View Content Laura Geller, whose everywoman personality and multitasking cosmetic line made her a household name, talks life, Spackle, and her latest ventures. As she walks into QVC’s pressroom, Laura Geller smiles, cracks jokes about the need for coffee, and takes a seat. The woman we’ve watched cheerfully selling her supersized…

Adderall All Nighters vs. Steady Studying

Adderall All Nighters vs. Steady Studying View Content Final projects, essays, research papers, presentations  and exams are looming on students’ to-do lists as the spring 2010 semester draws to a close. As due dates approach, students fill their agendas with plans to study ahead, a mere ritual for many who end up using their free…