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5 Vitamins for Healthy Skin

5 Vitamins for Healthy Skin View Content Healthy Skin Formula: Epionce’s Intense Defense Anti-Aging + Repair Serum I never suffered from dry skin until I moved to South Florida from New York. Sure, New York winters were generally unkind, but overall my skin remained smooth and in tact throughout the year. When I arrived in…

Fall Favorites: Skin Care

Fall Favorites: Skin Care View Content As the weather turns crisp and the leaves start to fall, it’s time to pack away the light creams and mists for heavier products to withstand the chill of winter. (But not the SPF! That’s a 365 days a year product.) If you’re not sure which products best suit…

Where Has All The Sunblock Gone?

Where Has All The Sunblock Gone? View Content Rising temperatures beckon us beach ward, yet sunscreen is not always what it seems. It’s time to get smart about your SPF. Last year, the FDA cried foul on the marketing of “sun protection” products. The crime has been in the vocabulary—specifically the use of the terms…