Throw out everything you know or think you might know about what a Kava bar is. At least in the case of Twisted Roots, you’re definitely wrong. Unless of course you imagined a haunted rainforest serving Tiki style mocktails.

Situated on Hollywood Boulevard behind a (temporarily) unmarked door is Twisted Roots Kava Brewery, a jungle oasis where quirky vibes reign supreme. Owner Darren “Trader Yahu” Perlmutter and his team of visionaries imagined a scene where Jungle Book, meets Indiana Jones, meets Jumangi–and they brought it to life in a brand new watering hole for everyone from kava novices to experts.

“The kava community right now is so tight. We wanted to create a new avenue for people to try kava for the first time, and come back for more,” says General Manager “Tonga” Tim Fitzsimmons.

The desire to build a larger community makes sense when you consider the traditional use of Kava, a plant based anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety concoction. According to bartender Nicole Mavraides, south pacific island natives commonly convene to toast kava together at the end of a long day. “Bula” is the word for cheers, which signals it’s time to drink.

If you want to follow the traditional method–you’ll chug the whole cup of pure Kava for immediate relaxation and temporary mouth-numbing effects. If you’d rather tread lightly on what may be your first kava experience, consider a kava blend like the popular Kanoa mocktail–inspired by pina coladas–or the Meneuhune, which packs a chai style punch that you won’t want to miss.

“The Menehune makes me feel like I’m in a red velvet chair in a big satin robe, smoking a cigar like a middle aged man with way too much time on his hands,” says Mavraides.

In addition to Kava drinks, you can find fresh brewed coffee, and natural teas made partly from ingredients that Fitzsimmons grows on his farm like moringa and CBD. The liquid possibilities are endless as well as weekly entertainment like trivia and live music. So, what are you waiting for? A community of unusual people are waiting to Bula with you.

Twisted Roots is open from 5 pm to 2 am every day. Check it out for:
Trivia – every Thursday night hosted by “Professional Adventurer,” Bartholamew
Open mic night – August 22nd
Live music – every Saturday starting August 24