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About Me

Creative writer with a bottom-line mind

Perfectly plotted sentences create stories that compel, while thoughtless words fall seriously short of inspiration. I have always loved the challenge of harnessing words to affect results.

Passion for content has afforded me the privilege to write for lifestyle brands and publications starting as a journalist 10 years ago. Amid gathering research, sources and managing tight deadlines, I developed creative storytelling abilities. The portfolio of topics range from health & wellness, to beauty, local events and personal profiles.

So how did I develop content marketing skills? During my time at beauty and anti-aging magazine, New You Media, the role evolved from print editor to digital content manager. Over the course of this role, I wrote print articles while developing skills in SEO copy and social media strategy.

In addition to work in the publishing world, my content portfolio includes web page optimization, blog writing and product copy for various brands. I specialize in wellness, beauty, and lifestyle but have experience across wide ranging topics and audiences.

A diverse body of work is part of what makes me an effective writer and marketer. Go ahead, throw a topic, product or service at me. I’ll consistently produce content that tells a clear, captivating message in a voice that relates.


When I’m Not Writing

I am constantly on the hunt for new experiences that optimize performance and make me a more inspired writer. When I’m not writing, I’m teaching yoga, dancing salsa, meditating and generally adventuring. Every extracurricular stimulates new ideas to explore and strengthen my connection to all things wellness, beauty & culture.